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Insight Pest Management

Newbury Park Pest Control Service


Insight Pest Management


3537 Old Conejo Rd, #118
Newbury Park California 91320
United States


(805) 628-2881

Insight Pest Management is the best-rated pest control company in Ventura County.

We have the ability to control and exterminate all types of pests, bugs, rodents, and termites at your home or business with perfect planning backed by science. In addition to bugging people, pests pose serious risks to people's health and property all year long. Cockroaches, mosquitoes, and rodents carry various diseases, so it's important to keep them in their place and out of your home. Our technicians work to deliver solutions that are rooted in science, and that protect your home or business.


About Newbury Park

Newbury Park is a populated place and town in Ventura County, California, United States. Most of it lies within the western Thousand Oaks city limits, while unincorporated areas include Casa Conejo and Ventu Park. The town is located in Southern California around 8 miles from the Pacific Ocean and has a mild year-round climate, scenic mountains, and environmental preservation. About 28,000 residents of Thousand Oaks reside in Newbury Park.Newbury Park makes up around 40 percent of the total land area of Thousand Oaks. Lying within the Conejo Valley in the northwestern part of the Greater Los Angeles Area, Newbury Park abuts the Santa Monica Mountains.



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